Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a summer storm

Oh, I love a good monsoon! Yesterday evening, one came in a flash. It was here and gone before we knew it, staying just long enough to break the heat for a minute and launch a few little boats.


  1. That was a much needed storm. Monsoon season is one of my favorite things about summer here. Love the boats, what a fun idea!

  2. what a fun idea, we could do that. if we had curbs.

  3. Wonderful family idea!

  4. Over on this part of town, our storm caused someone else's (?) inflatable swimming pool to fly over the fence and land in my pool.

    I didn't float any boats in it.

  5. What a fun idea. This was posted at 4:45 am-you were really up early!
    Love and Hugs


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