Thursday, February 11, 2010

We spend a lot of time at Yodipity.

But someone has to try it out, right? Stella is happy to oblige.

Grand Opening details are coming soon. . . I promise.


  1. You know how much I wish I could try it.
    I love frozen yogurt. LOVE.
    We, of course, have no frozen yogurt shops where I live.

  2. This is awesome Steph! I can't wait to take the family for a fun family night. :) Is this a franchise?

  3. I just recently discovered your blog, through Sarah on cloverlane. I like your sewing ideas mixed with motherhood musings on your blog.

    I just did a sewing post on my blog today and linked your blog to my post, to share your sidebar.

    Thanks for a fun blog, the yogurt looks delish (Bring the yogurt shop to Idaho!) best to you and your pregnancy, and all the other kiddos.

  4. We will be there in June to taste and try-know we will love it! Stella looks so grown up in thie picture and oh so cute.
    Love and Hugs

  5. Can't wait to try it!!! I'm hoping my baby is born in the next few days... so hopefully we'll get to the grand opening before she comes.

  6. Stella looks so old in that picture (and SO cute)! Love the bangs. How exciting for Yodipity!

  7. Sounds so yummy..Stella is so sweet...

  8. I love frozen yoghurt! I wish I could visit your shop!


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