Friday, April 03, 2009

We're hanging in there.


Almost one week down.
Crossing my fingers only 3 to go.


  1. i felt the same way when i was on bedrest. time just could not go fast enough. i remember thinking, maybe they can just knock me out for 10 weeks and i won't have to be so bored and discouraged . . . .

    hang in there guys!

  2. Hopefully this is a time for you and Stella to do lots of cuddling and have some mommy/baby time.

  3. Bless you! I hope Stella & her mommy can endure! Just let everything else go and read lots of stories.

    Still sending prayers your way!

  4. Hang in there cute Steph.

  5. What would be helpful? I'm close but dont know what to do. Can I bring dinner tonight? We're having homemade chicken noodle soup. Or do you want to leave them all here for 2 hours tonight so you can NOT HOLD HER for a minute? I'm game. Let me know.

  6. :( :( love you all.

  7. A little over a year ago, my six year old son broke his femur. He needed surgery, but we were so extremely lucky he didn't need a spica cast. He was old enough not to have one. His recovery was hard enought without a cast! My heart aches for you guys! All of you! It's really amazing how fast they heal though. Little kids bodies are just amazing that way. It will all be over soon, but that will be something you will never forget!

    Get well soon, Stella!

    Hang in there Stephanie!


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