Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She can be bold.

I might describe Mabel as timid.
But not when it comes to her wardrobe choices.
I would be scared to death to pair that floral with those stripes
(not to mention her shoes, which you can't really appreciate in this picture).
I think I stopped giving her my opinion when she was 2.
She knows exactly how she wants to look
and she doesn't care one bit what anyone else thinks.

I love that about her.


  1. She's very fashion forward for such a young age!! I'm think fashion Diva as she gets older. With your sewing skills and her color palette choices, she is a force to be reckoned with!! :) Not to mention, such a darling cutie pie!!!

  2. We love our Mabel.

  3. she looks adorable. what a great fashion sense at such an early age.
    love you

  4. oh yes I have a "Mabel" too. And I have given up on trying to help make her outfits match and just let them be her - which is sometimes quite scary to me and apparently heaven to her.

  5. that is so good for her to know what she likes and show it off to the world. she is cute.

  6. I love that too! Little blonde girls with funky style melt my heart: )

  7. LOVE her outfit :) She is so cute!

  8. love the flower in her hair - it's getting so long! she's adorable.

  9. I hope Elora turns out to be as opinionated on fashion as that. I love Mabel.


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