Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let this be a lesson to you.

Never separate a girl and her juice box prematurely,
as evidenced by the following highly dramatic photo.

I mistakenly thought she was done.
Don't worry, we got it back out of the fridge as soon as I snapped this picture and she sipped away contentedly for several more minutes.


  1. oh dear, temper temper, stella! i'm guessing she's as feisty as ever. :)

  2. Is she really a Court? I didn't know your children did that! :-)
    And might I add that her thighs look really delicious in that first photo!

    (Am I the only one that thinks it is weird that we always refer to babies as being edible? It's not right, in yet, I can't find any other term to describe what I mean!)

  3. i missed your jumper post. it's way cute.
    hope you are feeling better. i feel a sore throat as we speak.
    i am dealing with tempers flairing alot lately. 2 year olds!

  4. hehe, she's so cute. i am glad she was happy when you gave it back to her. sometimes mine are still mad at me even after they've gotten what they wanted.

  5. sad little face. glad you gave it back

  6. Poor Pumpkin. My son inadvertently did that to my 18 month old grand-daughter. Was buying her a bouncy ball in the store and she went hysterical when he took it to put it on the counter to pay for it.

  7. Rookie move Steph - come on. With as many kids as you have, you think you would know better. I love me some of that girl. She is so dang cute.

  8. oh i love it. don't mess with a girl and her juice.


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