Monday, March 16, 2009

Cousin Fun

Mabel and Annie reading before bed last night

We are having lots of fun with our Spring Training houseguests.
Mabel and Annie are currently singing songs together at the piano
and Oliver and Jack wish they were brothers.

It's been a good weekend.


  1. oh man, way to make me jealous. we miss cousins! that is such a cute picture. looks like they slept out there? i'm guessing the boys had mabel's bed. :)

  2. That picture is adorable!

  3. This picture is fantastic!

  4. We're jealous too. I don't think we're going to be able to come! :-(

  5. How sweet!

    And I love the names Oliver & Jack. My 2 faves!

  6. ohhh so cute... miss them all so much.

  7. You can tell they share branches on the genetic tree. How cute.

    How do you get a kid to do that?!

  8. Oh how fun! We LOVE cousin's!
    You got a dog, garden, paint red, and rearrange rooms!? You totally ROCK at being a mom!!

  9. OK, I just read more.. You are an unbelievable seamstress!! I love your Easter favors!


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