Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you know Mike,

then this really shouldn't surprise you.

Thank you, WJP.


  1. i was hoping you guys would take advantage of that awesome photog. deal! i read about it on his wife's blog and wished we lived closer. ten bucks!!

    you guys are too cute. a perfect early anniversary photo.

  2. Frame-worthy, really. Maybe you could get it framed for his office.

  3. He is so funny! I think you are pretty cool, too, to realize his true humor.

    Too bad I would have just punched Grant.

  4. One word: OLIVER

    You two are so cute!

    But seriously, I really think you dress way cuter than the clothes that Cardigan Empire gal had you in.

  5. What a great picture!
    Love you much

  6. that is so funny,
    i hope he got a serious one, you guys look great.
    i am so mad, we got in our accident on the way to take the pictures. i was so looking forward to it.
    oh and ruthie on here is the little sister to my good friend who was my YW leader (tamra).
    small world.

  7. LOL! I love that one. You look so pretty in all of your photos from that day. I think he also sent you one more (I stood there and said "You have to send them more than one). :) So cute!!

    And OH NO to the family that got in an accident on the way to the shoot! That is awful...I feel really bad :(


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