Monday, February 23, 2009

I have always loved my wedding cake.

It was my favorite part of our reception.
I don't think I actually ate any, though.

Today is our anniversary.

This has made me extra reflective, I guess, because I've been thinking all day about the decisions I've made in my life that have brought me to this point. Surprisingly, the best decisions I have made have also been the easiest. I used to think that life changing decisions would be a nightmare. I would wonder how I would ever know what I was supposed to do with my life. But the big decisions, like where to go to college, whom to marry, where to raise our family, etc., have been so simple.

I would go to BYU, I would marry Mike, we would live in Arizona.
I didn't even have to think twice about them.

Not every decision in my life has been that easy. But when things are right, it is so obvious. When things are wrong, it can feel so confusing!

I am just so glad that I can tell the difference.
I believe that it is through gentle promptings of the Spirit that we can know which path is right for us.

I love the path that I have chosen.
I'm so very lucky that I get to share it with Mike.

Just for kicks, here's a picture from our wedding day 8 years ago:

It was perfect.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. it still kills me that i didn't make it to california for your wedding. i hate that part.

    but i love that you married mike, because i think he is a wonderful husband for you and a great guy in general. i remember after i left your house a couple of years ago, thinking, wow, they really have it made.
    love you guys.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love that dress!

  4. well said.

    happy day!

  5. congratulations - i love your cake, too!

  6. Steph, you are so blessed and happy.
    Love you both and
    Happy Anniversary!


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