Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Life goes on.

They're busy people.

As I was watching Barack Obama's acceptance speech tonight, I was surprised by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Not that he was elected, because he was definitely not my candidate of choice, but because no matter who our next president is, I have a good life.

So, I am going to keep on loving my husband and being crazy about my kids.
I am going to plan for our future and hope for the best.
I am going to open my windows and let the cool air in (finally!).
I am going to keep on being happy.

I am lucky.

p.s. Even though my presidential candidate did not win, my father-in-law did!
He is the newest member of the Arizona House of Representatives.
Congratulations, Steve!

p.p.s. Happy Birthday to the best little sister on the planet.
Barack might talk about change, but Julianne is actually changing this world for good right now.
I am so proud to be her sister.
She is one of the people I admire most in this life.
I hope you have a great day, Jooj!
I love you.


  1. Steph, thanks for the valued perspective! and, congratulations to Steve! Yay, Julianne.

  2. yay for steve!! that's wonderful news. and double yay for jooj.

  3. life does goes on. and i, like you, feel very lucky.

  4. Well said. (And the crazy thing is I actually wrote in Jooj on my ballot. Parker 2012!)

  5. :) thanks steph. that means so much.

    and stella's legs are just too much. oh my goodness.

  6. Yesterday I saw a picture of you and your cute family on a flier.
    I like your attitude. It's really all we can control so we might as well make it a positive one!

  7. I realized earlier this week that he was your father in law. Very cool!
    It was nice to read you and your sisters uplifting comments about the election. I tried to do the same when my 8 yr old was disppointed. I explained the significance of it being a "first". HOpeing it will make me feel better too.
    My husband kept saying, we have the church and our family. All that's important.

  8. Steph, you and Les are so great for keeping things in the right perspective. We are as a family all so blessed and grateful for the love we all have for each other inspite of what ever the election results. Love you much

  9. Happy Birthday Julianne!
    Congrats Steve!

    Thank you for posting this. I felt overwhelmed while listening to Obama's acceptance speech, but for a different reason. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of fear for the future. Fear for the future my kids will have to endure. Fear that I won't be able to teach them correct principles so that they can stay faithful through such hard times. But after reading your post, I know that everything will be ok. We have the gospel, and we center it around families. With the Lord as the center of our home, we will be ok.

    Thanks Stephanie, for giving me the right perspective :)

  10. I hoped this morning that it had all been a (bad) dream...

    But you're right; we have a great life. We have our families. We have the gospel. Pretty awesome stuff.

  11. Hi! After a few clicks I came across you!! I do agree that I had the sick to my stomach feeling when I heard he won. And then my mind kept playing the worse case scenerio game. I had to stop myself and remember that I will be taken care of. Can't fret about things we can't change, just care about all we have. God bless our families!!

  12. such a refreshing post from the worry for the future :)

  13. What a truly wonderful post. Thank you.

  14. Amen, sista! Life is wonderful!

  15. amen sister!! some people are work aren't very happy with who is president but really, it is what it is, and lets just hope things turn out ok. life is good.


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