Friday, October 31, 2008

We're low-key people.

And we like low-key costumes.

Mabel took inspiration from her favorite flower fairies, the Mallow and Columbine, and we came up with this:

She was going for subtle.

Oliver liked the $3 pirate kit from the grocery store.

And swords. Lots of swords.
(And a light sabre. I told him that pirates didn't have light sabres, but whatever. It's his costume.)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Cute, very cute. But, what happened to the ballerina, or does she get a complete post?

  2. Oh, they look wonderful! tell Oliver that he is a fierce pirate and I hope I always stay on his good side!

  3. wow, lots of weapons for such a sweet pirate. they look awesome! hope they had fun. brush their teeth well tonight, everyone! :)

  4. i like it low-key. our little one was sporting a store-bought costume earlier this week, but we swapped to a made-up ballerina one tonight and it was cuter and more comfortable.

  5. My Oliver told me today, "Next year I'm gone have a sword with my costume." Love it... and love that you guys are still in flip flops. *Sigh* We should have moved to AZ when we had a chance!

  6. Pretty Mabel and sweet Oliver.
    He just mean enough to be a pirate but he looks good in his costume.
    Love you

  7. oliver makes me laugh. love the costumes. i would like a low key halloween but its erics dads birthday so we go see them every year. good times.

  8. So what was Stella?

  9. I love the light sabre.


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