Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thing 3

It's ok to give your baby formula.

I think we can all agree that breast milk is best. But I have learned with this third baby that sometimes formula is ok, too.

When Stella was first born, she wasn't gaining any weight. I think there were a lot of reasons for this, but it left me feeling like quite a failure. I had to start supplementing with formula when she was two weeks old. I quickly came to realize how very lucky I was to have that as an option.

And now Stella is fat.



  1. oh, this picture gives me a serious case of the baby aches. i'll have to keep it on hand when i'm missing that sleepy drunk babyness. i'm so grateful for formula, for stella's sake. it was getting kind of iffy back then when she was so skinny.

  2. Those sleepy eyes are so cute!

  3. Agree, agree, agree. If baby is fat, mama is happy - who cares how it happens.

  4. I learned this with my oldest because we never could get the whole breastfeeding thing going. His younger brother tried to make up for it I think by nursing for 2 years!


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