Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Some things.

Stella turns one next month.
I don't know how she got so old.

In honor of her first year of life, I thought I'd share some things I have learned this third time around.

stay tuned . . .


  1. Ooo. I need to read this.

    Lay it on me, sista.

  2. I'm not gonna lie, my future children and I are jealous of those lovely, sure-bet, blue eyes. The smile, which I've seen in a couple of picture, kinda freaks me out though. Like baby doll comes alive or something. Andy yeah for Stella's big number one!

  3. LOVE that picture!

  4. such a cute shot. we love beebee della!! you chubby.

  5. She's so cute ! Your mini-me!

  6. you are so good at getting really good pictures and i guess it helps you have really cute kids too. love the trip pictures that family one of you guys is great.

  7. Just want you to know I am scouring your blog for decor ideas. Are you ok with that? I love your dining room. Give me the word And I'llstop stealin'.

    p.s. I think I am going to try that minestrone soup.


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