Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I didn't take very many pictures on this trip.

Here are my favorites:

Me and my sisters with my beautiful Grammy P*.
We were all in town to see part of a new building at my grandparents' alma mater, Chapman University, dedicated in their honor. It was a really special experience.

If only we sent out regular Christmas cards, this one might have made the cut.

These three boys (Jack, Parker, and Oliver) sure had a lot of fun together.
It's really too bad they live in 3 different states.

Doesn't Jooj have gorgeous hair? I'm seriously jealous of that wave.

I love this shot of Audrey.
Yep, we spent yesterday at Disneyland and then drove straight home to Arizona.
It was a long, but really fun, day.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Now that you're home it's time to come see my baby.

  2. Can I just say that you have found your perfect hair/look? You are gorgeous in all these shots, as is your extended brood. I miss you.

  3. i want to bottle up your hair and pour it on my head

  4. i think my hair has gotten wavier with age, or maybe i just made that up.

    but for realz steph you and your family are gorg. i miss stella :(

  5. Elliott couldn't stop talking about how cute Stella is.

    And I agree with everyone else... you are looking hot!

  6. that is a funny picture of audrey. :) we had so much fun with you guys. it was a sad parting of ways in tomorrowland. :(

  7. hooray for the sword in the stone. and i must say my three girls are gorgeous! mom

  8. Do you ever send Christmas cards to strangers, because I've heard yours are awesome and I want one...!

    (Send you one of mine...!)

  9. I hope I'm on your Christmas card list.


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