Monday, October 27, 2008

A little post-tubbie joy

and more teeth brushing.

Why is this so cute?


  1. "why is this so cute?"

    Because look at her! The body, the face, the whole package is so yummy. Elliott had so much fun with her while you all were in California... I hope we get to see her again before she gets too old.

  2. What a cute bunch of kids you have! These posts are wonderful.

  3. she looks just like you in this shot!

    such dental appreciation stella has. it's commendable.

  4. Why is she so yummy? so cute? so precious? All of our kids are! Stella is at such a cute age.
    Love you all

  5. She is so happy! I love it!

  6. can't wait to squeeze those thighs of hers in about a month.

  7. It's so cute cause they both look SO happy (even his body language) and cause Stella's pjs are so cute.


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