Friday, October 05, 2007

What a way to start the weekend.

Our high tomorrow is only supposed to be 81.
It is nearly mid-day and I still have our windows open.
It is perfectly lovely outside.
This will probably be the finest weekend weather we've had since sometime in 2006.

So why the long face, you ask?
Because I have the beginnings of a massive head cold.
I feel crummy.
I'm afraid I'm going to miss it all.


  1. Hope you feel better- Love the highlights!

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel better- at least you can lay on the couch and watch conference while a cool breeze blows through the house right? That doesn't usually happen this time of year!

  3. bummer. good thing your hair is so cute (and long)!

  4. perhaps, but your hair looks gorgeous and your eyes super blue. you are the cutest pregnant and sick lade i have ever seen.

    hang in there.

  5. Sorry! But your eyes are soo blue and your hair is looking great:)

  6. oh man. that totally stinks.
    i really really wish we could open our windows. we can't even open the sunroof in the car it's immediately sauna-ish in my car. i hate summer.
    i hope you can at least accompany the kids to the park while it's nice out. :)

  7. oh man! i really wanted to do something with you guys tomorrow! that's also the worst thing to have when your pregnant as there is a very limited amount of meds you can take.

    if you get desperate, call me cuz i know the perfect ones and may have some. in fact, i know i do. and my dad approved them for me when i was pregs and miserable for that last month with my cold. let me know.

    i'll do whatever you need!

  8. Sorry you're not feeling well. But does all this talk of high lights mean you've been to see Leisel??

  9. You are beautiful.

  10. I need to get your e-mail from you cause I'm setting my blog to private. Everything from work turned out fine but I don't want anything like that to ever happen again, as you can probably understand

  11. Oh no!! I hope it doesn't get to bad. Especially because you can't take much because of Miss Stella! You still look beautiful though! :)

  12. Being sick and preggers is no fun... But if you have an awful cold, you hsould get some fresh air! When I am sick, and it is a good day, I lay on a towel outside and sleep. Hopefully Mike will be home and entertain the kids so you can rest!

  13. Fiasr thinkg I saw was those beautiful big blue eyes. You may not feel well but you are beautiful even though your little face looks so sad. Get better soooooooon.
    Love and hugs

  14. how is it that you still look so cute when you're sick AND pregnant? i hear your body is achy ALL OVER. makes for no fun when you have to take care of kids instead of staying in bed.

    and, i think your weather situation deserves a congratulations. so, CONGRATULATIONS! lets hear it for arizona fall weather!

  15. Poor thing!
    At the least, go sit outside and watch your children play. This is NOT a good time to be sick.


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