Saturday, October 06, 2007

Can You Spot Oliver?

I'll give you a hint.
He's next to Big Bird.


  1. i could take an almost identical picture of my kids in the morning. about 85 guys, two kids, no covers.
    except in a twin top bunk. and parker never ever has a pillow either. :)

    cute cute

  2. How sweet! I was just thinking the other night it will be sad when James and David start sharing a room and Emily is all by herself!

  3. love all the guys! do they call them guys! can't wait till november! mom

  4. that's one of the best pics i've ever seen. miss you already :)

  5. Toooo precious.
    Love and Hugs

  6. i'm so glad that they have each other. have you ever seen the show "max and ruby?" i could be completely off, but that's how i picture their relationship.

    your kids are edible.

  7. This is so sweet... hope they're always close.


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