Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My 2 Kids

More from the wall:

Mabel, 14 months (or so)

Oliver, 14 months (or so)

p.s. Mike is looking for a new secretary. Do you know of anybody good?
Here's a link to his Craigslist ad: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/ofc/395828428.html


  1. That one of Mabel is adorable! I love pics of kids at the window. Oliver is so cute! Can't wait to see what the baby looks like!

  2. what happened to rosie? did mike let her go? :)

  3. cute pics...if I lived in Phoenix I would so want the job but I live in california

  4. Oh, that picture of Mabel is so precious! I love it.

    And Oliver is so dang handsome. I wonder if Stella will look more like Oliver or Mabel??

  5. I'm hiring someone that just moved from Houston. Can't resist that southern charm, les.

  6. i think you should post and put on the wall the picture of oliver in his tux on the cruise. at least give me a copy! he's so cute, i could bite his cheeks off!

  7. wow, great photo's...did you take those? Cute pics!!

  8. well well, mike. and we've had 2 families move here from phoenix in the past 2 months. looks like nobody in arizona can resist it . . . :)

    glad you found a new work wife.

  9. those are two of my favorite pictures of all time.


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