Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Reason #1* that I am glad we are having another girl:
(not that I wouldn't have loved another boy)

I get to use the name Stella.

When I was growing up, we had a pedigree chart hanging on the wall in our house. My favorite name on the chart belonged to my maternal great grandmother, Sadie Stella V. I thought it was absolutely beautiful-- the perfect name. But I always loved the Stella part best.

Once I was pregnant with Mabel (after we had already decided on her name) I fell in love with the name Sadie. I was convinced that I would name my next baby Sadie Rose.

Then came Oliver. He was heavenly and completely adorable, but I still dreamed of having a girl named Sadie someday (although at this point her name had changed to Sadie Stella).

Until a few weeks ago, I was sure that this baby would have that lovely name (if she was a girl, of course). But, as I lay in bed one night, unable to sleep, I had a thought: This baby should be a Stella, not a Sadie.

Mike says I am fickle. But really, I've loved the name Stella ever since I can remember. Her middle name is up for grabs (I want Rose, but Mike isn't so sure). Any suggestions?

*these reasons are in no particular order


  1. i love it. and i'm a firm believer that babies often pick their names, as miss dub's moniker was something i liked, but didn't love until i got that feeling it was meant for her.

    mr. d calls me fickle with names, as well, but all that matters is that you stay true until the baby is born. after that, it's too late.

    as for a middle name ... i like rose, but maybe you should stick with "ca" sounds and go for claire or camille or clarence. ok, maybe not clarence.

  2. i shall consult my mega genealogy chart and get back to you.

    but i vote rose. does mike know the history behind that fabulous name? has he SEEN the castle in scotland? :)

  3. i love all those names (but i'm with you steph--stella IS the best). and i still love sadie stella the most, and she can totally still be sadie. my brother is actually andrew tyler, but he's always been tyler (my mom was toying with "drew", but then someone called her tiny baby "andy" and, tyler is was). i think the family significance of that name is so great! whatever her name is, we all know she'll be beautiful...

  4. ok, if you're going for the historical names, here are a few from our fam that i like, even though most of them don't sound that good with stella:
    euphemia :)

  5. i'm on board for geneological names. since you got to pick stella, maybe you could use a family name from mike's side. man, that is gonna be a cute baby!

  6. Humm -I like Rose and it is your great grandmother's name. So I vote for that one but will be happy with any name you choose because she will so precious.
    Love and Hugs

  7. I'm hearing Jane used a lot as a middle name, which usually kills all of a name's appeal for me (Grace, anyone???), but somehow, I still adore it (for a first or middle).

    I wish my name were Stella Jane C*.

  8. Stella Rose is spot on. Mike will adjust. Love you guys!

  9. Congrats on a girl! Love the name Stella. Stella Rose and Stella Jane are my faves. Also, I've done a knit 5, purl 5 blanket and it wasn't near that cute!


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