Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We Need Sprinklers

We live in the desert.
But I like to pretend that we don't.
I really want a lush, green yard.

During the summer (and spring and fall),
the temperature here is high and the sun is scorching.
It is hard to have a green lawn.
Especially if you don't have sprinklers!

That means I spend my mornings (almost all of them)
rotating our hose around the yard
every 15 minutes.
Either I am super lazy, or this is just a very boring chore,
beacause it makes me tired.

The frustrating part is that after all of that,
our grass still isn't very green and half of our plants are dying.

Do we have any trench diggers out there?
I am willing to pay in brownies.
Sprinklers would be really nice.


  1. Steph growing grass i n Arizona must be hard. I don't care for the gravel and catus yards and I know you don't either. There must be desert plants that would work. will have to investigate! Sunset magazine had some good suggestions- I will try to find that issue for you.
    See you real soon!!!!!
    Love and Hugs

  2. I have the same problem! I always tell Tyler it is so sad to spend as much time as I do in the yard and have it look the way it does.

  3. Maybe you could convince my dad to do it as a project. He did it on our old house. It would be really nostalgic for him. (He'd first have to forget that yardwork was the reason he moved into a condo, though)

  4. Trent installed sprinklers at our Utah house. I'm just not sure he'd do it again.

  5. Umm, I live in sunny Cali and still have issues with my backyard. It is very small, but sad. I am thinking of what I can do (or who I can pay) to fix it. Sorry about your dilemma.

    And ps, you are pregnant not lazy:)

  6. maybe you should move to texas where we don't even really have to water our grass because we have this stuff called rain.

    burn! :)

  7. gp, leslie. or maybe you could move here and we could all work on steph's grass together and possibly do some sort of rain dance around the yard. i think that is a much better plan. and when we just can't chant anymore, we put the kids to work digging the trenches. it'll be a hoot.

  8. I still think you should go for that fake grass stuff! :-)

  9. oh goodness - I totally remember your plite from my AZ days. When we moved there from UT, all our back yard consisted of was 6 fruit trees and dirt. great, I thought as a mere eight year old. but we did get a pool and some landscaping - a bit a grass that had to be handled with extreme care. I remember my mom having to watch and baby it so it didn't fry. when we get to CO and have to take care of a yard, it's gonna challenge me - I've grown to accustomed to the rain taking care of the greenery 'round these parts. wish I lived closer - I'd do your trench digging in exchange for another great a-line cut! :D

  10. i like the fake grass idea, i'm sure astro turf would be awesome! or you could spend the big bucks and pay for the stuff that actually looks like grass.

    or, you could do as house did in my neighborhood growing up... they simply painted gravel green... it totally fooled me!

    what you need to do is turn the whole sprinkler moving business into a game. get those kids working!

  11. My dad used to run a sprinkler business. He sets up sprinkler systems all the time!

  12. btw, i meant "burn" as in "facial" or "in your face," you know, since you're always trying to get us to AZ.

    not that i literally want you to burn. :)

  13. The whole '15 minutes and move the hose' routine was something I did for YEARS... ugh :( One week I babysat a child for a friend, and he helped us install sprinklers in our front yard! yeah!!! Though it took a lot longer than he had thought it would, a light bulb went off in my head. :) I dug trenches, connected the pipes and put sprinklers into our back yard. The trick is to soak the ground really, really well a few days before digging.
    I also dug a trench in our front yard from the street to our house (app.60')for a new pipe and electrical conduit.
    I AM WOMAN!!!


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