Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Man, Mitt

Did you see the Republican Debate last night?
Click here for some good stuff found by my man, Mike.


  1. seriously, I just love how calm I feel when I hear him talk, you know? it's like our Stake President down here - such a calming tone and expressiveness in his voice. go Mitt!

  2. You know his experience is shining through. Such a good clip I had to snatch it.

  3. That is good news. We missed the debate (thought it was on at 8:00, not 7:00) and we saw the commentators on MSNBC saying that Romney didn't look so great and that John McCain was the "winner." It's good to see that the people who really matter (real people instead of media idiots) thought just the opposite.

  4. What a small world! How funny that your dad is David Parker! You are so cute to help his campaign! So are you involved in any other part of it in AZ? I am just signing up to help with a few things on my free time. I'm excited. Well, I love your blog and the name of it. Very cute. Take Care!


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