Friday, May 11, 2007

Just One

Although, I have to say that I was prepared for twins.
Oh well, maybe next time.

In other news, we spent the morning in the ER with Mabel.
Her eyeball (no, not just the area surrounding her eye,
but the actual white part of her eyeball)
was swollen around her iris.
It looked really really sad.
After a thorough cleansing with saline solution,
that for some reason almost caused me to faint,
it is looking much better.
She was very brave.
When we told the kids we were going to go the hospital,
Oliver lost it. He started sobbing.
He was so scared for Mabel.
In a very calm voice, she assured him that she was going to be ok.
I am glad they love each other so much.


  1. What precious little ones. What would cause Mabels eye to do that? Poor little Olibo he was just scared for his Mabel. There really is a baby there. How exciting. I just saw a picture of Breanne's baby too. Wonder if they will be boys or girls. Either one is wonderful!
    Love and Hugs

  2. "baby" looks so cute! You were lucky to get such a good shot this early. yay!

    mabel's eye doesn't look too bad, and i hope you had some chocolate after your fainting spell. chocolate's good for fainting. :)

  3. oy, Lauren told us about the eye. I am glad Miss Mabel is okay. No more nuts for her, huh? That could be serious!

    Give her hugs from us!

    PS... little number 3 is so cute! What a great profile shot!

  4. Little Olibo is so sweet. Crazy about the eye. I did not know an eyeball could get swollen like that. Glad she's okay.

  5. if this next one is as cute as the last two, who needs twins?

    sorry to her about mabel, although i admire her bravery.

    this world needs more mabels.

  6. so sorry to hear about your ER day - it reminded me of when Leslie had to take Parker to the ER in LA - not a fun day for momma or kiddos.
    number three looks so great - happy and healthy - life is good!

  7. Your growing baby looks huge!

  8. I'm glad Mabel and Oliver are feeling better... and Stephanie, one is *never* prepared for twins! ha ha

  9. "I know what 'brave' means, brave means you cry a lot." -Spencer B., age 3, after getting a shot.

  10. congratulations! it's perfect! i can't wait to find out what it is. and mabel's such a trooper. what a great big sister she is.

  11. What a cute little peanut! Glad Mabel is okay, glad you didn't faint!!


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