Thursday, April 26, 2007

My 9 Year Old Self

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When I was 9, my mom and 2 or 3 other smart moms started an afternoon activity group.
We learned how to sew, how to cook, and we made some awesome scrapbooks.
Do you remember this, Les?
It was pretty much the "Activity Days" program that our church now has for 8-11 year old girls.
It was fun.

I found my scrapbook.

My favorite things about my 9 year old self:
I thought a friend was someone who didn't use bad language.
One of my favorite colors was peach. Blah.
My chief worry was going to 5th grade.
Love meant getting married.
What I sought most out of life as a 9 year old was to find a Delaware license plate.
That was a big deal in our family.
We had an ongoing list of all of the license plates we had seen in our car.
Delaware was the only one we were missing.
Don't worry, we found it eventually.


  1. more pigs, huh? You'll have to explain that one. That is really cute, and how fun that you still have it!

  2. that has to be one of the funniest things i have ever read. my favorite part was the Delaware situation.

  3. oh man, i have so many memories of those afternoons. they were so fun. remember how we convinced katie's mom to make us ebelskeevers all the time, even though they really only ate them on christmas? i wonder where my humongous 4-inch gray LDS binder is. . .
    i was just telling someone the other day about our delaware search. guy, we were nerds. :)

  4. stephanie, this is so fun! what a great idea your mom had - such a treasure.

  5. yeah, i remember vividly planning my future wedding as a nine-year-old and trying to decide my colors. peach and mint green? or turquoise and dusty rose?

    just be happy you look so cute in your photo. i was way more awkward.

  6. very cute! i loved reading all of that and your picture looks very much like miss mabel! i guess you did those afternoons when dad had cancer because i don't remember ever having any of the meetings at our house. did we? mom

  7. i was just thinking the same thing as mom..I don't remember having them at our house, maybe once or twice. but didn't put it together that it was when dad was sick. i can't even remember who else was in it besides us and katie. do you remember?

  8. it was us, katie, celine w., and some girl named libby, i think. i don't remember who libby is, but i saw her name somewhere in my notebook. i remember having it at our house one time. but it was during my 4th grade year and that was the year dad had cancer.

  9. For obvious reasons, I was oblivious, but Libby was Libby Hughes. I love your blogs for the memories and joyful things they evoke! dad

  10. That is such a cute picture and the letter is so funny! My favorite dress in 6th grade was mint green with peach flowers- it must have been the "in" colors. How great that you have achieved what you most wanted in life! LOL

  11. Love is -- getting married
    Very profound for a nine year old. Too bad more people don't believe that!

  12. Very entertaining. I was a bit baffled by the "more pigs" answer too. I think everyone liked peach and forest green in the 80's, don't worry about it.

  13. Love that little questionnaire. I'll have to have my Activity Days girls fill that out. Interesting perspective on school. My husband and daughter would totally agree, I'm afraid!

  14. steph used to collect all things piggie when she was a young girl. piggie banks, piggie stuffed animals, ceramic piggie music boxes, etc.
    i outed you steph.
    but you don't have to publish this. maybe you're busy compiling a post dedicated to your pig collection of old. :)


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