Friday, February 02, 2007


See, Mabel really does own pants.

I was laying in my bed this morning with a throbbing headache.
Mabel wanted to get dressed.
I told her she would have to do it herself.
This is something she has never completely done on her own.
(She is kind of needy like that. Mike says it is my own fault, that I am an enabler.)

Anyway, since she can't reach the dresses hanging in her closet, she was forced to open her dresser drawers.
The inside of those drawers rarely see the light of day.

Lo, and behold, she found some pants! And turned them right side out herself!
I think she looks fabulous.
Pink really is her color.

And I am feeling much better. Thanks for asking.


  1. yea, good for mabel and good for you...sometimes it's so much easier just for me to do it for charlie. i can completely relate. and i love the painting in the background.

  2. yay for pants and i'm glad you're feeling better. mornings are the worst when you have a cold. a hot shower always helps me feel better, gets the juices flowing (if you know what i mean [i mean nose juices])

  3. Soon Mabel will be changing clothes four times a day! You may have made a tactical error, here. :) Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better!! And I know I've said it before, but I know our kids would be best buddies. Emily has recently decided she likes pants (sometimes). She and Mabel would be a pair.

  5. i've been a bad commentor as of late. (not to be confused with commentator -- though i would like to be one for you should you ever compete in gymnastics.) anyway, i'm glad you're feeling better. i'm glad mabel is wearing pants. but i'm sad that you had a headache.

  6. glad you are feeling better, steph! mabel looks DARLING in anything ...including pants. i laughed out loud at the thought of her drawers never seeing the light of day.


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