Monday, February 05, 2007

Our Problem

7 days, 3 doorknobs, and 1 huge headache later, we still have no knob for our newly painted front door.

Why can't these holes be an inch farther apart?
Why can't we find an attractive, pewter finish door knob that will fit?


(Don't worry, we put the original dead bolt back on between failed new knob attempts.)


  1. that sounds like fun, putting the deadbolt back in 3 times. you or mike?
    good luck!

  2. Have you checked e-bay? It's more of a risk to get a match, but you know the dimentions now.

    p.s. the links to other blogs are missing on your page.

  3. Oh, that stinks. Can Mike make you new holes that are the right length apart?

  4. We've had similar issues. Our lock broke and it is really hard to find the type from 100 years old. The holes just don't match! Now we are stuck with a hole beside our knob that someday we will bondo closed!


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