Monday, January 15, 2007

Recent Good Reads

Well, Leslie, you asked.
Here are some good books that I have recently enjoyed.
Unfortunately they were all finished prior to the completion of my pretty chair.

1. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Lisa See
2. Mr. Darcy's Daughters, Elizabeth Aston
3. The Probable Future, Alice Hoffman
4. Katherine, Anya Seton

I would like to publicly thank my mother, without whom, I would have very few books to read.

What are you reading?


  1. I will have to add these to my list! Which one was your favorite? Right now I am making my way through the "Counte of Monte Cristo", but I am afraid I am making slow progress. (I do love it though, just to much other stuff going on).

  2. the peacegiver. it's incredible. i think every married couple should read it. it's by james farrell.

    you even makes books look pretty, steph.

  3. honestly, i haven't read much since miss dub debuted, but now i have a good list to take to the library. thanks for the tips. (and, i, too, love "the peacegiver.")

  4. i read "war and peace" over Christmas break - i mean really, russian literature is my favorite. i'm obsessed with pasternak and dostoevsky - i've even enjoyed other essays i've read by tolstoy, but i must admit i was not a fan of "war and peace." perhaps just because i couldn't get over his misogynistic description of women in the text. all the female characters were all very shallowly written, which was disappointing. anyway, i was surprised that i didn't like it as much as i thought i would. stick to "the brothers karamazov" or "dr. zhivago" if you're going to russian literature. (sorry this is such a long comment!)

  5. Leslie and I decided to start our own little book club - I think we should expand our numbers (since we've yet to finish and have a meeting together) and have a blogger's book club - what do you think? we have both started THE BONESETTER'S DAUGHTER by Amy Tan, but I think she is far closer to finishing than I am...

  6. i liked katherine, too, and snow flower and the secret fan is in my nightstand. i'll try that one next. the bonesetter's daughter is turning out to be very good, i'm almost done. i'll have to check out the peacegiver, two nods on your blog alone!

  7. Thanks for the suggestions... I'm off to the library tonight. I LOVE the idea of a blogger's book club. I have never been able to be a part of a "successful" book club... they all peter out after a couple of months.

  8. nothing...yet. I'll have to check these out now! Winter is great for baths and what good is a bath without a good book??

  9. Okay, along the lines of "The Peacegiver"...
    I just finished "The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict" by The Arbinger Institute. (Author of Peacegiver is a member of the Arbinger Institute) It is extremely awesome and deep and life changing. I need to do a blog about it.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  10. I love your chair! I haven't read anything in longer than I want to admit but we're planning a vacation without the kids later this year and I plan to do some reading so I am keeping your suggestions! Thanks :)

  11. Right now I'm into easy read fiction. (lack of sleep makes it hard to concentrate on anything else, and it's entertaining so it keeps me awake while Ruby's eating late a night) Anyway, one of my favorite authors is Van Reid. He writes historical fiction - Maine in the late 1800s - in a series about the Moosepath League. The books are wonderful! I just finished the 5th - Fiddler's Green. The first book is Cordelia Underwood. All have great characters, fun plots, comedy, and a little romance. So that's what I'm reading. :)


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