Friday, January 12, 2007


Here are our latest favorite reads:

The entire Toot & Puddle series is darling.
The pictures are adorable, and the stories are sweet.


  1. plus, you get to say "toot" in a non-flatulent context.

    p.s. this probably isn't the forum to say this, but since i keep forgetting -- THANK YOU for blanket. eden loves it. perfect for swaddling. our house is a regular stephanie store. you've been too kind. thanks again!

  2. we have a cute toot and puddle abc book where they all teach toot how to spell his name. :) they are very cute books, and i can just see mabel loving them.:)

  3. do they love the olivia books too? they are a lot like Toot & Puddle.

  4. awwww.. they look adorable - gonna have to check them out.

  5. Those ARE great pictures. I'll put them on my list of children's books to buy.


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