Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mike Just Can't Pass Up a Good Deal

We play The Grocery Game at our house. Mike thinks it is a very fun game. It saves us lots of money while helping us stock our pantry. This cat food was on this week's list for free. A good deal, right? If only we had a cat.

This is just more evidence to the fact that my husband loves a deal.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Ooooh, Danny needs a cat. Their neighbors feed pigeons. Are you his secret santa?

  2. i like the grocery game, too. thanks for the hook-up. however, i'm not that weird. keep it out of the kids' sight, it looks kind of yummy.

  3. Would love to try that. Almost did one 6 years ago, but it cost almost $30 a month and I couldn't figure out how I would "save" with that one. How do I get your email so I can give you credit for the referral?

  4. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Guiess you will have to get a cat. I would love to have one again but haven't convinmced grampy of that yet.
    Love and hugs

  5. That is funnny, but it's the right time of year to buy something otherwise useless... now you have a partial Christmas gift for that family member who DOES have a cat.


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