Saturday, December 09, 2006

Arizona Pride

Dearest Arizona,

I always knew that you were my destiny. As soon as I fell in love with one of your boys, I knew my future was with you. Even though I did my best to ignore you with Disneyland passes, afternoons spent at the beach, the nearness of my parents, and the extremely pleasant summer temperatures that I enjoyed in my native Orange County, I knew I couldn't avoid you forever. Every trip we made to Nana and Grampa's house only cemented a little more the feeling that we belonged together.

That is why, nearly one year ago today, when things were falling apart for us in California, with nary a second thought, we started packing up our over priced condo and looking for a home here.

We were lucky. We saw our future in a 1978 ranch house and went for it. Now some people might look at our town and just see the glaring desert heat emanating from the asphalt, or the check cashing shops on every corner, or the illegal immigrants lining the streets waiting for work, or the street people who beg for money at the gas stations or drive thru lines, but I see diversity. I see a good, family centered community where my children can grow up without thinking that everyone needs to drive a new car or have more than their neighbors. I see a place where good, normal people work hard for what they have and teach their children good values.

I love my neighborhood. I love our quarter square mile ward boundaries. I love being so close to my inlaws. I love my humongous backyard. I love that my childrens' elementary school will be out our back gate. I love my life in Arizona.

So thank you, dear Arizona, for accepting me despite my silly Orange County ways, and for making me a kinder, more generous, and more grateful person.



  1. Stephanie you are so special and you have found the real meaning of what life is about. You have strong values and it shows. They are in the right place. Miss you and wish you were closer but understand your love of where you are. Love you very much

  2. amen. and that's from a girl who grew up in arizona and dreamed of being from orange county -- only to later appreciate her arizona roots. the southwest has something special. and it's not just a lot of really, really good mexican restaurants. (though those help.) it's full of good people ... and cactus.

    here's to you, arizona. now, if only you had a beach!

  3. i can understand your love of your new home state, since I have grown to love Texas for many reasons, too.
    I'm glad you're happy where you are and that you've found your place. Now if I could just find mine . . . hmmm, it's got to be here somewhere . . .

  4. so glad to hear that you are happy - I'm with Leslie and although leaveing Texas will be hard, I can't wait to find my "home".

  5. Growing up in Oregon I always said I wanted to live "someplace warm", thinking it would be either California or Arizona. But, like you, my destiny changed when I met and fell in love. So, now Georgia is home (and it is usually warm here!)

  6. I love Arizona even though the beach cries out to me and in the summer your eyeballs melt. Now all we need to do is get a certain dub here.

  7. I would LOVE to live in Arizona!! It's a close 2nd to Texas. And totally kicks Utah's butt.

  8. bloom where you're planted! and bytheway your 1978 ranch house is wonderful! all of your readers have not seen it like we have! mom

  9. I'm glad you're happy in AZ, we miss you here in CA though!

  10. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Does this mean that you now like scorpions?


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