Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Conversation About Heaven

Mabel: Mom, when I'm old I'll still love you.
Me: I'll still love you, too.
Mabel: Will you be waiting for me when I get to heaven?
Me: Yes.
Mabel: Thanks. I want you to lock that in your head until we die.
Me: Ok.


  1. If we weren't seeing you in Indy in the next 8 days, we would be heading to Mesa this afternoon. She is so cute.

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    i don't even know what that means, but it's sure cute.

  3. Cute. She sounds very serious.

  4. that is so funny. you better not forget now, mom! we miss you!

  5. so cute - and what a beautiful image it creates - you waiting to hug her once she gets there herself. families truly are forever - isn't it comforting?

  6. How sweet is that!?!?!?

  7. I love those "serious" conversations with kids. Too cute!

  8. Your children are so precious!

  9. Wow, Mabel sure uses more vocabulary/
    phrases than us in our normal conversations.

    She is so cute~ We are excited to see them soon~

    Love ya~


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