Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Map

My parents love to travel, as evidenced by my dad's latest blog post, and by the map above. It is a map of all of the countries I have visited with them. It looks a lot like Leslie's. I would love to see Jooj's. Her's would be hard to beat, not that this is a contest. (You can make your own map here.)

We have been to some pretty amazing places! A few of my favorites have been Jerusalem on the eve of the millennium, the Pyramids in Egypt (I totally overcame my fears and went inside!), the island of Capri (like South Coast Plaza, but outdoors, and surrounded by the most beautiful ocean views), Sweden (Stockholm is amazing, not to mention the abundance of Volvos on the road), and of course the countryside of England (I don't think I could be my mother's daughter and not love England).

These trips changed my life. Like Leslie said, they broadened our horizons and made us aware of how small the world was at a very young age. I remember thinking about all of the lives that were being led all over the world, and being amazed that somehow Heavenly Father was aware of everyone. It made my problems seem so insignificant. There is nothing like travel to put your own life into perspective. I am so grateful that my parents have taken us all over the world. There are so many places that I want to share with Mike and our kids.

Even though I love traveling, the best part of it for me, has always been coming home. There is no place like America, and no place better than my own home.

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  1. What joy you bring! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Love you lots.


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