Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Boy

looking very much like a court as a newborn in irvine

cruising the mediterranean in style

digging into his cake with a spoon at nana's house

Today Oliver turns two. I can't imagine our little family without his sunny personality. He is tender, loving, and gives the best tight hugs. He misses Mabel (or E-bowl, as he calls her) terribly while she is at preschool, but steals her car seat while she is away. He is nice to everyone, is almost always in a good mood, sleeps soundly at night, and very rarely causes a problem. Even as a newborn he was mellow. He is always up for fun, and kindly goes along with whatever Mabel wants to do. I love my little guy. I just can't believe he is already two!


  1. hurray for adorable, easy-going, huggable little boys; i have one too, just fyi. it is hard to imagine life without them! :)
    happy birthday olibo! i'll never forget your chubby cheeks even as a newborn in your ocean view hospital room. :)

  2. he is one of the most beautiful babies i have ever seen!

  3. grammy1:58 PM

    You are right Les and Steph, hurray for easy going, huggable little boys' I had 3 of them. Now look at how they blessed grampy and me. Oodles of lovable and wonderful grandchildren and great grandchildrem.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one cute and lovable little guy. Two already!
    Mabel you are such a lucky girl to have such a sweet little brother. Love and Hugs

  4. Happy birthday Oliver! You're the nicest, most easy-going kid I've ever known. Now if we could just measure you...

  5. Anonymous3:44 PM

    we love you olibo! so cute, dad and i were just talking this morning about what great, tight hugs he gives! happy 2nd birthday, can't wait to see you on sunday. gramma

  6. grammy8:30 PM

    So sorry my package did not arrive in time for his olibo's birthday. It is on it's way so better late than never.
    Love and hugs

  7. What a perfect little darling! Happy Birthday little guy!

  8. Happy Birthday Oliver!

  9. He was a BEAUTIFUL newborn, they rarely look so good, so young. I love two year olds. Enjoy. (Nothin' like cake with a spoon!).


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