Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today I am grateful for:

1. my husband, for working hard for our family

2. my kids, for being so perfect

3. my job as a homemaker

4. my newly acquired plane tickets to Indiana for Thanksgiving

5. my safe car (thanks again, mom and dad!)

6. my grass, for finally turning green (thanks to Mike's ingenious sprinkler set-up)

7. my air conditioning, for making Arizona summers liveable

8. my Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, for getting me over my mid-afternoon slump

9. my membership at the YMCA, for letting me eat ice cream guilt free every once in a while

10. my hairdresser, for giving me blonde hair once again


  1. hooray for no roots! i had mine done today. it's good to be blonde. and i kind of want to take a little nibble of the back of olibo's neck. that is very cute.

  2. your entry made me stop and say a prayer of "thank you"s - life is good, no?

  3. Isn't life wonderful!

  4. yay! you guys are coming out to indy at thanksgiving too? how wonderful - i'll get to see you again so soon!!

  5. I've been feeling very blessed lately too. Way to be positive and focus on the wonderful things in your life!

  6. Maybe I should go for a blonde look?? Steph, your kids are seriously so perfect. The picture of them together makes me want to go and give them a big squeeze!! We love you lots~ See you next weekend.

    Mimi & Guggle


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