Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Family Bed

Mike and I are not believers in the Family Bed theory, but that doesn't stop our kids from joining us during the wee hours of the morning. We only have a queen size bed, so when the four of us are in there together, it is a tight squeeze. As cozy as it is, and as nice as the hugs are, it obliterates any chance of sleep for me for the rest of the morning. I am tired.


  1. I HEAR YOU! We, too, are not advocates of the family bed - in my opinion, my room is a place for me to have the three Rs - reading, rest and romance (I blogged about it in March, I think) and none of those things can happen with little visitors. But as Jay leaves pre-6 am, they both end up waking up and coming, the days sure start early, don't they?

  2. YOu all need to institute the floor bed... It is awesome!

  3. Hey Steph- tell Mike awesome comment on!


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