Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Swimming Lessons

Mabel had her first swimming lesson today at the Y.

It was a little bit bright outside.

Oliver and I tried to stay cool in the 108 degree shade.

Here he is picking all of the cheerios out of the cheerio, peanut, and raisin mix.

keeping busy with his choo choo "Oliver"

Even though she spent most of the time protecting her eyes from the sun and the splashes of the other kids, I think she liked it. She is looking forward to being able to swim "like Annie."


  1. how cute is that olibo? love his hair cut. did you do his cut, steph? we may have to find some haircutting scissors at mom's house. parker's hair is a little "frothy" as mom likes to say. :) glad to see their skin shimmering with sunscreen! I bet you'll spend a fortune on that stuff this summer!

  2. i love the first pic of mabel shielding her eyes! cohen wishes he were coordinated enough to cover his eyes when we go out. since he cant, he shudders and winces like he ate something sour! poor dears....

  3. Cute suit! Mia has the same one (Gap copy-cat from Target!). I do a Mommy & Me class with her at the Y and love it! Can't wait til she is old enough for the real swim lessons.

  4. 108 degree shade? dude, i thought provo was hot.

  5. I have very simmilar memories of learning to swim in Arizona - it seems that the 108F heat is intensified by what we refer to as "Arizona Skies" (IE: not a cloud in the blessed sky to give you any kind of shade what so ever!) - it is so darn bright!

  6. I would recommend private lessons if you really want your child to learn how to swim... they aren't as expensive as you might think, and the individualized attention gets them learning so much faster than group lessons.


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