Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mabelina Ballerina

Sorry about the quality of the photos.
Taking a picture of a picture never works out that well.

Her recital is next Saturday at 7pm.
Anyone in town is invited. Tickets are $8.


  1. what a vision in pink poofiness. very cute. wish we could make it to the recital! make sure mike videos it for us!

  2. i bet she loves that dress! it's definitely a winner. so cute!

  3. Emily6:31 PM

    What? You have no scanner? She's a doll. Wish I could see her dance.

  4. grammy10:03 AM

    Wish we could be there. Her dress is pink and pretty just like her. Know she loves it.

  5. oooh, I'm jealous... can't wait until Emma can do ballet. What fun!


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