Thursday, May 25, 2006


We took another major step toward the completion of the interior of our house today. Our shutters were installed! I LOVE them! They make such a difference by covering up our yucky 27 year old aluminum windows. All of a sudden my bedroom feels like it is in some sort of tropical location-- the bright green walls, white bedding, beautiful shutters, swirrling fan, and a view of our orange trees out the window.

My blogging station
definitely improved with the installation of the shutters.

our sad living room-- still unfinished
but don't those shutters look great?

thanks mom and dad!


  1. gorgeous! love the green walls. can you send me the name of that color? did mike the paint expert pick it out? i think you posted it before but i'm too lazy to look it up. our walls are very bland, maybe soon we'll paint!

  2. they look great! you're welcome! mom and dad

  3. grammy4:11 PM

    Steph it looks GREAT!

  4. LOVE the shutters - looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. Jenny9:11 PM

    I love your room and the shutters! Can you decorate our house next? :)

  6. Don't you love it when little things make such a great difference. Elliott and I have been searching for a decent looking fan for our room... what kind is that one? How tall is your bedroom ceiling?

  7. So beautiful! Love that color green with the white--it's so crisp and cool. I love these photos.

  8. Jealous of your bedroom. Just so serene! Loving those shutters!

  9. Beautiful bedroom with these amazing shutters . Looks beautiful.
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