Friday, May 26, 2006

mom. . . Mom. . . MOM!!

Like most little kids, Mabel asks a lot of questions. Lately, however, it seems like the questions are constant. Sometimes they aren't questions at all, just comments, and they are always preceeded by a loud "mom!". Sometimes she says "mom" before she even realizes it and has to quickly (or slowly, as is usually the case) think of something she needs to tell me. When she says, "mom," a simple look in her direction, or a "huh?" are never enough. There has to be true eye contact and a very audible "what?" from me. I know this is standard 3 year old behavior, but it is getting a little extreme. Today, in the midst of singing "I love the see the temple" before naptime, she interrupted me with a "mom?" After I stopped singing and said, "what?" she paused for a minute, and informed me that her "hand almost hurts." A few words of sympathy and we were back to the song, only to be interrupted again in the next verse. I don't understand why she can't just start telling me what she needs to tell me. Why does every sentence have to start with at least one "mom?" It's a good thing she is so cute.


  1. I can so relate. And guess what, Audrey's 5 and still does that. The worst is when we're swimming and Audrey has to show us every single thing, and waits for comments and/or clapping after each feat. don't they make you tired? :)

  2. "It's a good thing she is so cute"

    Yes, Elliott and I have said this many times to each other, and silently thought it while dealing with the kids... I think Leslie hit the nail on the head.... it is these kind of little things that make me the most tired in parenting. But they also give Elliott and I the most smiles when we are reflecting back on the day.

  3. My mother says it is becasue they adore us SO much. To have our time and undivided attention means the world to them! My three year old is the same way... and i hear about 15 times a day (no kidding) "Mom, you're my best friend ever"... as tired as she makes me... I will miss her when she's not three anymore.


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