Friday, February 10, 2017

happy weekend

It seems like most of the country is being blanketed by snow right now, but here in Arizona it is 85 degrees! My kids came home from school yesterday with pink, sunburned noses. Ah! I'm not ready for the heat, but I sure love an Arizona spring. Our lilac vine is about to go crazy with blossoms and I can't wait.

I never wanted to be the mom who was constantly in the car, shuttling kids to a million different places, but I was totally that mom this week. Man alive, I'm exhausted! It was my week to drive the carpool to high school plus it seems like I was going back and forth to Oliver's school (about 15 minutes away) a million times. Add in the usual piano lessons and choir practice and mutual and scouts and I'll tell you what, I am ready for the weekend.

Mabel joined the tennis team at school, so our big plans this weekend include buying active wear (please tell me you've seen this video!) and looking at tennis rackets.

Recipes I tried this week: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos (Loved these! I added chicken and avocado.), Turkey and Swiss Sloppy Joes (a surprise hit), and Brazilian Style Black Beans and Rice (My first time successfully cooking dried beans! I used our instant pot. Not as good as my favorite beans from Tucanos, but pretty all right.)

Are your kids passing out valentines? Stella doesn't want to, but Elliot does. Maybe these heart pom pom bookmarks will change Stella's mind?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Ha! That video is so funny! Thanks for sharing! Have a great sunny weekend Stephanie!

  2. I'm enjoying the recipes you share. Yesterday I made the healthy oat/applesauce muffins that you shared about recently and they are delicious. Even though I rarely ever eat baked goods because of caloric intake, I do like to occasionally have a treat that is actually good for us. So, thanks for sharing. :)

    I would LOVE 85 degrees right now, but I have to settle for mid 40s which is warm for today here. Thankfully it's melting the snow that occurred here in Central Illinois on Wednesday and by tomorrow, with rain and temps in the 50s forecasted, it will thankfully ALL be melted once again, which suits me just fine.

    No kids in our house - just grown, adult ones, but we do give Valentine gifts and cards to one another.
    Happy Weekend! :)

  3. Practice frying some plantains and it will take your meals up quite a few notches!

  4. Beautiful weather in Texas too!

    It's all about the beans and rice. Cheap, and a full protein! Black beans take the longest to cook (like 3hrs). Lately, as we look at our ever-growing grocery bill, I'm trying to soak/cook dried beans several times a week.


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