Friday, December 16, 2016

happy weekend

Hooray for the weekend! No more packing lunches or waking up when it's still pitch black outside to get kids ready for school. . . at least for a couple of days. We are counting down until Christmas break at our house. After today, only 2.5 school days left. And then Christmas!

Our presents are mostly wrapped and under the tree. Our neighbor treat plates have been delivered. Our stockings are ready to be stuffed. And because we just barely got our tree, it is not even close to being dead yet. :) We are in a good spot and I am so glad. Instead of frantically finishing up last minute shopping, we can just enjoy the build-up to the big day. And probably eat too many cookies, too.

My three older kids had their piano recital last Sunday. Afterwards, Mike made them grab the kittens for the picture I was taking to commemorate the night. Those kittens! We all have ringworm and they have terrible gas, but my family loves them anyway. Our older cat, Inez, is finally coming around to them, I think. She looks at us like we're crazy, but she has a point and also, she's always done that.

This afternoon is the first grade Winter Musical, which I am sure will be a good time. With a trip to the temple and a viewing of the new Star Wars, our weekend is rounding out to be pretty great. I hope yours is, too.

Oh, and don't forget today's Light the World challenge! We can show compassion like Jesus did by leaving only kind messages on social media or babysitting for a single parent so they can finish their Christmas shopping or giving up our seat on the train. There are lots of small ways to show compassion, but my heart is breaking for Aleppo. If you are looking to do something a little more major, consider donating to the David Nott Foundation. They are a British charity that is doing good work there and wherever else there is conflict. Another good spot to donate would be the White Helmets.

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  1. Have you tried deworming them? Our cat had terrible gas when he was little, which disappeared once he'd had dewormin medication.


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