Tuesday, November 29, 2016

shopping days

Mike finished up our Christmas shopping late last night. Even with his busy school schedule, he wanted to do the shopping this year, and I am so grateful. He is much more thoughtful about it than I would be, and I know that because of his efforts, our kids are going to have a really wonderful Christmas. I am thankful that we are able to provide a happy Christmas for our children. I am thankful that Mike is smart with our money and creative with our gifts. And I am really thankful that we don't have to step foot inside another store until next year. That really is the greatest gift of all!


  1. Have you ever posted how you do gifts at Christmas? How many for each kid? Do you have a budget and spend a certain dollar amount per kid? Or just total budget?

    1. We have a total budget. The kids make lists and Mike makes sure we stay under budget. If I was in charge of our Christmas shopping, I think I'd do the three or four presents per kid idea, but Mike likes to do it this way, and that works for me.

  2. I only have our son-in-law left to buy for and, like you, am thrilled to not have to shop with the masses!


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