Friday, September 09, 2016

happy weekend

Elliot woke up yesterday with a fever and a yucky feeling in his stomach. Any plans I had for the day went out the window and we hunkered down with the iPad and a big bowl instead. He is feeling perkier now and is back to school today, but yesterday made me realize how grateful I am to be in a position to change my plans at a moment's notice and stay home if I need to. It reminded me that being a stay at home mom, even when my kids are at school all day, is what I want to be doing. I am thankful for the reminder.

Stella has her first volleyball game tomorrow. No one on her team has ever played before, and they've only had one practice, so the game should be fun. Right? And lucky Mabel gets to take the PSAT! So, this weekend will be a good one. Ha! Mike has been so busy with school, that I am hoping for a night out so that I can remember what he looks like.

After totally slipping on my no-sugar plan for the past two weeks, I am back on track and it feels great. I don't know why it is so easy to slip into old habits. No, I don't need a few chocolate chips after every meal. I just need a big glass of water, darnit. My friend asked me this week if I really feel that much better when I am not eating sugar, and the answer is yes. Even after just one day of getting back on it, I felt better. Have you tried it? What did you think?

The mornings have felt ever so slightly cool around here for the past few days, so I am hopeful that fall will come, after all. This is usually the time of year when I start to lose the will to live (Not really, of course, but I just want to wear jeans! Is that too much to ask?!), so the cooler mornings feel really good.

I hope you are breaking out your sweaters and booties, wherever you are.

Have a happy weekend!

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