Wednesday, August 03, 2016

saying no to screens

The other day Elliot was begging and begging to watch a show on the iPad. I said no. And no. And no. And guess what? He didn't die. :) Actually, just a few minutes after his hopes of screen time were dashed, I found him on the kitchen floor happily making a welcome home banner for our girls who had been in Utah, all by himself, completely of his own accord. And then I knew that I needed to write this down so that next time he begs for a show, I can remember that saying no isn't the end of the world and that most likely, within moments, he will have found something (usually much more creative) to do with himself. I know this. But sometimes it's easy to forget.

Sort of related: I am back to using my iPhone. I need to tell you all about it.


  1. That's neat! :)
    I think I'm probably one of the least enthusiastic phone users. I do have an older iPhone but I'm never impressed with the photo quality (I use my regular camera for anything I want to do in my art), and I still rarely ever use my phone except for the occasional text to my 20 year-old daughter or a friend. I hate talking on the phone (always have), so you'll never see me with my phone up to my ear. I know that by the time I retire in just a few years (and I'm only 51), I will be back to my old ways with the phone which is "turned off - in my purse". I've never understood the fascination with these gadgets, but that's just me. :)

  2. Curious about the phone story!

  3. You must be happy you said no♥

  4. I only let the kids use screens after chores, reading and lunch. Now that school has started my husband and I instituted a no-screens during the school week policy (unless it's for homework), only Friday's and Saturdays. They think we are the meanest parents ever, I want the badge to prove it!


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