Friday, June 17, 2016

happy weekend

Summers are for cleaning out closets, and organizing bedrooms, and getting rid of junk. At least at our house they are. I found this guy at Target the other day. I painted him with about 6 coats of white paint and now Mabel has a handy spot to hang her flower crowns. (This is her reduced collection, by the way, after I made her toss half of them.) I love making small changes like this. I rearranged the couch in our family room a few weeks ago, and it still feels fresh and new.

Here's the bad news: it's going to be 120 degrees here this weekend. 120 degrees! That's record-breaking heat. I am sad for our plants. They are already looking a little peaky, and a week of intense heat isn't going to help. Why do we live here, again? Quick, someone remind me how wonderful our winters are. Sheesh.

Some good news: it's almost Father's Day! And that means we get to celebrate Mike and our dads/grandpas and show our gratitude for all they do for our family. We are lucky to have these wonderful men in our lives, and I hope they feel extra special on Sunday. (We got Mike this shirt because we are weird.)

Have a happy (and hopefully cooler) weekend!

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