Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Paris: Le Marais

Our favorite part of Paris was Le Marais. It is full of teeny, windy roads lined with ancient, charming buildings. It was also home to our favorite creperie.

One day we walked there from the Canal St. Martin, which was very picturesque, as is just about everything in Paris.

We ate falafel in this beautifully well-kept garden more than once. And that tree lined street looks nice, doesn't it?

See what I mean about the teeny, windy streets? Most days were not at all crowded, but once we went on a Sunday, which also happened to be the First of May, a national holiday, and these same streets were mobbed! It somehow managed to still be charming, even with the wall-to-wall crowds.

After trying all the flavors (or almost all of them), I decided that butter + sugar + lemon was my favorite. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a warm crepe right now!

La Place des Voges is a pretty place to rest your weary feet in Le Marais. We found shelter on a bench under the trees to wait out a little rain. Many famous people have lived in this square throughout history, including Victor Hugo. There is a museum in his old house, which we tried to go to because it is free and we are cheap, but they had a special exhibit that day, so it wasn't free and it was also very crowded. So, maybe next time?

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