Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paris: food and scenery

This is my last Paris post, I promise. Thank you for indulging me. It was the trip of a lifetime and I wanted to make sure I documented it for posterity. :)

Breakfast in the Tuileries one pretty morning. I loved all of the manicured gardens. They were so well-kept and organized. Even the neighborhoods we saw from the train to Versailles had perfectly squared trees lining the train tracks.

Breakfast of champions! I think I ate a pain chocolat aux amandes every morning of our trip. We stopped at the bakery Paul near our hotel on our way to our adventures each day and declared the pain chocolat aux amandes to be our favorite pastry. One morning we tried the famed Angelina chocolat chaud. It was like drinking hot, super rich chocolate pudding. Which means it was delicious, but too rich for everyday. I couldn't even finish that teeny cup.

The sun set at about 9pm every night, so in order to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle, we had to pull a late night. Which meant a really late dinner at a small cafe. I ordered a cheese board and Mike had some duck. This was our only traditional french meal, and I'm so glad Mike convinced me to be brave and try a real french cafe. Even though everyone we interacted with during our trip spoke english, I was nervous to do something like this. The food was delicious and I know I'll never eat cheese that good again. 

One afternoon, we waited in line for almost an hour for this guy, Alain, to make us grilled sandwiches. It was worth the wait, and he was a true artist.

Also, look at all that yummy bread!

You really can't beat the scenery in Paris. I've been to lots of places around the world and it is definitely one of the most beautiful. 

I snapped this one on our walk home from church on Sunday. It was a national holiday, so all of the shops were closed. Just a few cafes were open, and since it was the first warm, sunny day in a long time, they were packed with Parisians sipping their coffees, enjoying the sunshine.

The banks of the Seine were popular that day, too. There was a carefree, jolly feeling in the city. We saw lots of families with young children enjoying the day together. And lots of street performers, too. I'm so glad our last day in Paris was such a bright, happy one.

Au revoir Paris!


  1. So awesome Steph. I'm so glad you guys had such a rad time! Paris is always a good idea.

  2. Oh, if you want to keep sharing Paris posts I'm sure no one will mind!

  3. Thanks for sharing your Paris vacation with us! I loved reading about your trip and seeing all the great photos.


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