Friday, March 25, 2016

happy weekend

The kids are off of school on this beautiful Good Friday. After a late night at the Easter Pageant last night, they are sleeping in. I am skipping my run to save my knees, which have been making really weird crunching noises when I bend them, and will spend the morning fighting the losing battle against the weeds in our yard instead.

I am adding The Gift of Grace by President Uchtdorf to my Easter prep reading this weekend. The older I get, the more I realize that if I want a holiday to feel special, or meaningful, it is up to me. I don't want this Eater Sunday to pass me by in a blur of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. It is so much more than that!

I hope you will feel the peace that Easter can bring this weekend. I know that because Jesus Christ suffered for me (and you), we can be redeemed. We can be forgiven. And we can live with our family again once this life is over. All He requires is that we follow Him.

Here's a great little animated video about what can happen when we choose to follow Him.

Have a peaceful, happy weekend!

Oh, and one little word of advice: if you have a young girl living in your house who likes to receive letters in the mail, find her a pen pal. Stella's pen pal, Audrey, sent her the sweetest Easter package the other day. It was the highlight of Stella's week. She has carried that little bunny tote around with her everywhere!

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