Friday, February 26, 2016

happy weekend

Big news! Mike is going back to school for his MBA this fall. It is something he's always wanted to do, and I think he finally decided that it was now or never. He applied to BYU and ASU, and was offered full scholarships to both. I'm so proud of him. After a few weeks of very stressful indecision, we decided that our roots here in Arizona run deep, and he will be attending the WP Carey School of Business starting in August. Hooray! It feels really great to have it settled and decided, and we feel really confident in our decision. And now I can breathe again.

I am excited for this next chapter for our family, and for Mike, too. I know he will really enjoy going to school. And hopefully this experience will open some doors for him, or put him on a different path. Or help him to realize that owning his own business is what he really wants after all. Whatever the outcome, I know it will be a good thing.

We sort of celebrated on Monday night for family home evening. We went to the campus and got everyone an ASU shirt and then went out for rolled tacos. But there was no cake! I feel like we need to remedy that this weekend.

Mike's marathon is tomorrow. He's been dealing with some really painful calf issues and hasn't run properly in weeks, so he hasn't decided if he will run in the race or not. I have a feeling he'll go for it. So our weekend will mostly consist of cheering him on and trying not to bawl our eyes out at the finish line.

I hope the sun is peeking out wherever you are! Have a happy weekend.


  1. Congrats on the MBA program--what big and exciting news for your family! Just wanted to mention that I ran a marathon a few months ago with calf issues and it turned out to be a tibial stress fracture (I'd seen three doctors and had been in PT; had various diagnoses of pulled calf muscle/tendonitis). The fracture didn't complete during the marathon, thank heavens, but it sure felt awful the last few miles! From my reading later I found out that it's not at all uncommon for runners to still be going on the stress fracture since we are pretty darn good at pushing through pain...just wanted to share that experience in case it is helpful to your husband! (Mine felt like almost like the pain from a knotted muscle; it would gradually radiate down to my ankle over the course of the day. I could run for hours on it & it would hurt for the first 4 miles or so and then get better and better and the pain would totally disappear by the end of the run, then come back with a vengeance a few hours later. I was fine in the marathon until about mile 23 and then it started hurting pretty darn bad, but I still finished about 8 minutes off my PR).

  2. We love your decision to stay here! Aren't you glad you don't have to pack up and move now?! :) Congrats!

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  4. rolled tacos? what are rolled tacos? and congrats!


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