Monday, December 21, 2015

the baby in the manger

As we finish up last minute Christmas preparations this week, I am doing my best to remind myself why we celebrate this time of year. The birth of our Savior was a small, quiet moment in history many, many years ago, but it changed everything. I am thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ, for his humble birth, his life of service, and for his ultimate, atoning sacrifice. Through Him, all things are possible. I know this is true and my hope for you this week is that you feel the peace that only comes through Him.

I read a beautiful message from Elder Christofferson, and this was my favorite part:

"I think it's appropriate this time of year to just think about that baby in the manger. Don't be too overwhelmed or occupied with what is to come; just think about that little baby. Take a quiet, peaceful moment to ponder the beginning of His life--the culmination of heavenly prophecy but the earthly beginning for Him.

Take time to relax, to be at peace, and see this child in your mind. Do not be too concerned or overwhelmed with what is coming in His life or in yours. Instead, take a peaceful moment to contemplate perhaps the most serene moment in the history of the world--when all of heaven rejoiced with the message 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace goodwill toward men'."

painting by Beth Allen

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