Friday, November 06, 2015

for Mabel's choir

For the past three years, Mabel has sung with the East Valley Millennial Choir and Orchestra. It has been a very rewarding experience for her. I was able to be a volunteer at last night's rehearsal, and I enjoyed seeing the intense discipline and effort required of the participants. There were hundreds of 12-18 year olds crammed into a school auditorium, practicing so diligently for their upcoming Christmas concert. It is no wonder that their concerts always leave me breathless. Many hours of preparation are involved, and I am grateful for the lessons Mabel is learning through her participation. She has gained confidence and ability, and because the director places great emphasis on the importance of the text of these Christmas hymns, I know her testimony of Jesus Christ has been strengthened through her experience.

Tickets for the Christmas concert here in Mesa are now on sale. You really don't want to miss it! And if you live in Boise, Idaho, Dallas, Texas, Orange County, California, or Utah Valley, there are local choirs in your area, too. You can find information about their performances here.

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