Tuesday, November 24, 2015

for good weather

November is a great time to be in Arizona. I was reminded of this as Elliot and I walked home from school on this beautiful afternoon. The sun was warm on my face, but it didn't melt my eyeballs like it does in the summer. Some of the leaves are starting to change, and the oranges are getting ready to be plucked from the trees. Our windows are open day and night, letting in fresh, clean air. Good weather makes life easy, and I am thankful that we finally have ours. We really earn it here, and I do my best not to take it for granted.

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  1. "Melt my eyeballs"....that made me laugh out loud. So glad you have some weather to enjoy these days.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Stephanie. Thankful for you and your sweet posts that make me smile each time I read them.


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